Thursday, February 24, 2011

Valentine Cards 2011

Big achievement for Miss Non-Scrapbooker here.   I even used double sided tape for the first time.  (ridiculous, I know.  please suppress your giggles ;-)  There is a pocket inside that fit FunDips.  Here is to learning new things, slowly but surely.
HUGE thanks to
And also a big thanks to my sweetheart who knows photoshop.  (Add that to my very long to-learn list)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Still working on the craft spot....

 My friend Lindzee let me come over and take a few pictures of her craft room to help me with inspiration for my craft spot.  Can you believe this! This would be my dream! 

 I guess I should set the stage properly to introduce Lindzee.  She is adorable!  Walking into her house is like walking into a boutique.  She is so talented!  I couldn't help but take more and more pictures!  This was like walking into the homes of the blogs I stalk.  LOVE!

 I loved this because I had put it into my head that I can't paint the molding in any of my rooms white because of the darn door jam.  She showed me otherwise and it looks sooo good.  Now if only I had the painting skills....
MUST....PAINT...MY....CHALKBOARD!!!  She also gave me the awesome tip to repaint the chalkboard with chalkboard paint so it will write much better. 

Need I say more?  Heart.   I just wanted to stay in her home and absorb her and the environment she has created as much as possible.  Even though I will probably never be this good at crafting or decorating, Lindzee has totally inspired me and I have had the best week ever thanks to her.  Her house is always so clean and organized without a junk counter to be found.  I have been trying to follow her example and I can't believe it is actually working.  Must keep going.  Thank you so much Lindzee!