Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Cleaning LIst

I was really sick for a few days last week and NOTHING got done.  One day my whole goal of the day was to keep the kids alive until my sweet husband came home.  As you can probably guess, my house completely fell apart.  I have been obsessively trying to organize and clean everything ever since I started feeling better again.  I have been stalking organizing and cleaning sections of Pinterest all week and here is one thing I came up with.

I have seen so many cleaning schedules online and none of them really seemed to fit me.  I decided to adapt one to my own lifestyle and habits.  While it is not a complete list of everything that always needs to be done, I think it is pretty good at making sure the basics are covered. 

If you want my template so can adapt it to your own schedule, I can send you copy. 

Inspired by:

I kind of thought a girl needs a maid and no kids for this to be realistic for me.  (sweep after every meal? Not happening for me.) So grateful for the idea's though!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Star Wars Valentines

I made valentines last year for William that turned out ADORABLE!  This year I was seriously lacking in ideas so I decided to just take William to the store to buy some.  While we were at the store, I was so annoyed about how cheap the valentines were - they didn't even come with envelopes. While we were there I was looking up supplies for another project and my sister posted a tutorial for these cute Star Wars valentines (he wanted the Star Wars ones at the store anyway) and I found my solution!

While I am happy with how they turned out, they actually ended up being so much more work that I thought.  First, bought wrong size of bag. Second, couldn't find a 3/4" hole punch for kisses so went with a 1".  Third, ran out of ink. Fourth, could NOT find my stapler!!!  Since I refused to head back to the store again, I went with ribbons.  Oh well!  At least Valentines is only once a year (and next year I get to make some for Katelyn too!)  Here is to trying to be a more prepared crafter.

Star wars tutorial link:


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Masterpiece display

Just finished my new art display wall.  Sadly I bought the store out of clips, so more clips will be coming this week.  (Is that sad I posted it before it's totally done?  Sorry!)  Thanks a TON to