Monday, February 13, 2012

Star Wars Valentines

I made valentines last year for William that turned out ADORABLE!  This year I was seriously lacking in ideas so I decided to just take William to the store to buy some.  While we were at the store, I was so annoyed about how cheap the valentines were - they didn't even come with envelopes. While we were there I was looking up supplies for another project and my sister posted a tutorial for these cute Star Wars valentines (he wanted the Star Wars ones at the store anyway) and I found my solution!

While I am happy with how they turned out, they actually ended up being so much more work that I thought.  First, bought wrong size of bag. Second, couldn't find a 3/4" hole punch for kisses so went with a 1".  Third, ran out of ink. Fourth, could NOT find my stapler!!!  Since I refused to head back to the store again, I went with ribbons.  Oh well!  At least Valentines is only once a year (and next year I get to make some for Katelyn too!)  Here is to trying to be a more prepared crafter.

Star wars tutorial link:

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