Friday, July 8, 2011

Channelling My Inner Jane

I just got back from a fabulous trip to California and I was able to spend a little bit of time with my very gracious and hospitable mother in law.  I didn't realize how much she was rubbing off on me until I got home and realized how much I wanted my home to be like hers.  If there is a mess, she cleans it. Dishes are not just left in the sink, she does them as she goes. (what a concept! ;-)

The list continues, but as I completely ignored my house for the first 24 hours post trip, including laundry, I finally snapped and had this intense compulsion to get my home put in order and keep it that way.  So after dinner I started cleaning and cleaning. The kitchen, check.  the whole downstairs, check, the backyard (we had a hot spell so we left towels, life jackets, and debris everywhere, not to mention cleaning out the swimming pool), check. 10:00 pm - pulling the cars out of the garage and sweeping/cleaning out my car, check. The next day I attacked the laundry and the upstairs and didn't stop until I had to go to work. I even made and awesome meal for lunch and left not a dish in the sink.

I am at war with dirt and stickiness, and while I am cleaning, I just keep telling myself, "I am channeling my inner Jane" (some crafty people channel their inner Martha). I am trying to think like her and actually see the hot spots for clutter in my home rather than just having the clutter be part of the decor.  So here is my homage to my lovely mother in law, and to the continuous battle to discover my inner Jane!

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