Monday, July 11, 2011

New Exercise Philosophy Part 2

 If you read Part 1, you are probably laughing at me because eating healthy should not be a new concept.  In one sense, I exercise so I can eat whatever I want. In another sense, I started thinking to myself "I just killed myself at the gym and I don't want to throw all that out the window for just anything". It is a fine line either way, but there is no downside to eating healthy, so finding a cool app to help and even make it a game is always welcomed. 

Now, since I am more drawn to the 'eat whatever you want' concept, I'm continually tweaking my exercise philosophy. Here is what I am doing right now.

Since I started going to the gym, I have mainly been focusing on low weights and high reps to build lean muscle mass because muscle burns more calories than fat (and I don't want to bulk up).  Well, this new plan goes along with that. One of my girl friends (Katie Tyler:-) told me her trainer (Brenda, whom I adore) told her from the very beginning to just work on her legs and not to worry about the rest.  That is because if you want more muscle to burn more calories, your leg muscles are the biggest muscles you have.  Long story short, I am now trying to kill my legs at the gym, so if you see me hobbling along or wincing as I get up and down, cheer me on. It is all in the name of guilt free treats.

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